AMR Idea Development Workshop, Spain

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Deadline to register and submit two-page paper is 20 March 2022.

AMR_IDWIE Business Scbool

Hosted by IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

4 April 2022, 10 am-4 pm


Led by

Sherry Thatcher, the current Editor-in-Chief, and Patrick Haack, Associate Editor. Other Associate Editors and Editorial Review Board members will also join.

Purpose and Agenda

This idea development workshop (IDW) is geared toward PhD students, junior scholars, and senior scholars who are interested in publishing in AMR. The hope is that this workshop will help participants develop well-crafted manuscripts suitable for submission to AMR. Although this workshop is open to everyone, preference will be provided to individuals from Spain and the greater Madrid area.

Workshop Format

The workshop will be divided into two parts:

  1. General information about publishing in AMR will be discussed, such as what makes a successful AMR paper, the main reasons that papers are rejected, and strategies for addressing the core challenges that Editors and reviewers see in rejected papers. Also discussed will be a set of exercises that authors can complete to help clarify theoretical contribution around their ideas; these exercises, and a description of their value, are available in the pre-workshop activities reading. 
  2. The second half of the workshop will entail roundtable discussions of participant’s theory ideas. 4-5 participants will be matched with an Associate Editor or an Editorial Review Board member. These groups will then discuss the participant ideas and provide the participant with insight about how to clarify the paper idea or move the idea forward, with approximately 30 minutes for each idea.

This is a highly dynamic setting due to the evolving Covid-19 pandemic. The organizers reserve the right to revise the format of the workshop, if necessary. 

Pre-workshop Preparation

Prior to the workshop, participants should:

  • Read the following article: Thatcher, S.M.B. & Fisher, G. (2022). From the Editor: The nuts and bolts of writing a theory paper: A practical guide to getting started. Academy of Management Review, 47(1), 1-8. 
  • Prepare a 4-5 slide, 10-minute presentation of a conceptual idea to share at the roundtable. 
  • Prepare a two-page proposal of your idea to submit when registering for the workshop.
Registration information

To participate, please complete this registration form and submit a two-page proposal of your idea

Registration is required for all participants. The deadline to register is March 20, 2022.