AMP Call for Special Issue Proposals

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Submission deadline: 1 June 2022. The AMP editorial team will make final decisions by 1 July 2022.

The Academy of Management Perspectives invites submissions for special issue (SI) proposals. The deadline for submitting SI proposals is June 1, 2022, and the selection process will be competitive. The AMP editorial team will discuss all the submitted proposals and make the final decision within one month, by July 1, 2022

If your proposal is successful, a revision process will follow to shape the final call. A member of the AMP editorial team will join the Guest Editors to provide process advice, guidance, and support, beginning with the call for papers and including authorship of the introduction.

Before the papers can be formally accepted, they must be signed off by the AMP editorial team member.

The Guest Editors’ responsibilities include handling all submissions, communicating with authors, inviting reviewers and making recommendations on each article using ScholarOne Manuscripts. The SI Guest Editors should adhere to the usual AMP criteria for handling papers. This includes respecting AMP ethical code of conduct principles, standards of correspondence, turnaround times and the peer review process. All decision letters must provide high quality feedback, including to desk-rejected manuscripts, although we recognize that some may be so wide of the mark that little feedback is possible. Some papers may require longer to develop than the SI timing allows, and others may show potential, but do not fit within the SI scope. Such cases need to be discussed with the AMP editor who may invite the author(s) to submit directly to AMP.

The SI should contain no fewer than five papers, including the introduction. SI’s that do not reach this minimum level may be incorporated into a regular issue. Note that Guest Editors may not author papers included in the SI themselves (excluding the issue introduction). Once the Guest Editors have papers that are nearing acceptance, they will forward the papers to the AMP co-editors for approval before the papers can be accepted. 

AMP will work with the Guest Editors to increase the SI’s visibility in the months leading up to the submission deadline and once published.
AMP will: circulate your call for papers to the AMP editorial board, targeted mailing lists, and relevant AOM mailing lists. AMP will also advertise your call on the AOM website and social media platforms, and reissue the call at appropriate intervals. Once the SI is published, AMP will make announcements to these same lists.
Guest Editors are expected to circulate the call for papers to their own personal networks, social media groups, and any relevant conferences or workshops.
Deadline for submissions: 
1 June 2022
Decisions expected:

1 July 2022 

Please note that unsuccessful proposals submitted for a previous year may only be resubmitted for consideration if specifically invited by the editorial leadership team.

Required content

Your proposal should be no more than five pages (excluding part 5 and references) and contain the following:

  1. A statement of no more than 3.5 pages introducing the state of research, why the SI will make significant contributions to this field of research, and why it is urgently needed. This statement should explicitly address how the SI will substantially add to the theoretical development of the field and how it fits AMP’s mission of publishing articles with strong policy implications.
  2. Examples of open-ended research questions (no more than half page) for article submissions should be included after the statement (minimum of six). The questions should be worded so that it is clear that the articles submitted provide consolidations and extensions of scholarly debates around theory and/or applied work with policy implications.
  3. An explanation (no more than half page) of how the Guest Editors plan to disseminate the call to as wide an audience as possible to ensure a high number of submissions and to share information about coaching authors and assisting with paper development. Holding Development Workshops is not a requirement, but AMP regards such commitments quite favorably.
  4. A visibility plan (no more than half page) how you will ensure that the completed SI would attract and engage scholarly attention beyond the actual publication in AMP.
  5. A description of the Guest Editors’ team. Typically, the editorial team should comprise four to six people. Some of the team members should have experience as editors or associate editors and all should demonstrate academic excellence in the field related to the SI. A 100-word biography for each member of the team is requested as well as the list of references of their articles relevant to the SI.

Submission details

To submit your proposal, please visit this link.