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Academy of Management (AOM) members connect with colleagues around the globe through AOM’s online networks and communities, as well as at the Annual Meeting—the world’s largest gathering of management and organization scholars. 

Networking through AOM offers new opportunities to share your research, meet peers, and discuss everything from the latest theories, to the best teaching practices, to top management and organization issues of the day.  

Your membership benefits multiply when you join two or more Divisions and Interest groups (DIGs) representing 26 scholarly disciplines. 

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    Completing and updating your AOM profile ensures that you get the most from your AOM experience.

    Completing and updating your AOM profile ensures that you get the most from your AOM experience.
    • Sign in to your AOM member profile to update your email address, add a bio and picture, and complete your professional profile to raise your visibility. Including your social media accounts to your social profile helps other members connect with you. 
    • Join a Connect@AOM discussion by starting a new thread or replying to someone else’s comment. Make a blog post to start a conversation. Browse your community libraries and upload documents that your peers may find useful.

    Networking Opportunities

    Network: Divisions and Interest Groups

    Apr 2, 2020, 15:36 PM
    Backend Title : Network: Divisions and Interest Groups
    Frontend Title : Divisions and Interest Groups

    Divisions and Interest Groups (DIGs) reflect a broad range of member interests within 26 management disciplines. By joining a DIG, you can network with colleagues with similar scholarly and professional interests. Each DIG offers a range of services, including educational sessions, social events at the Annual Meeting, and DIG websites and Connect@AOM communities for sharing professional development opportunities, recognition programs, and division updates.

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