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AOM Journals accept submissions for both regular publications and special issues. Special issue submissions should conform to the theme or subject matter of the special issue. Please see below for more information regarding journal-specific submission procedures and current calls for submissions. 

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AMLE Special Issue: Learning and Education Strategies for Scholarly Impact: Influencing Regulation, Policy and Society through Research

We define scholarly impact as an “auditable or recordable occasion of influence” arising out of research (Haley, Page, Pitsis, Rivas and Yu, 2017); this special issue will explore influence through research on communities that include not just scholars, but also other external and internal stakeholders such as regulators, policymakers, managers, students and society at large.

Initial submissions should be received by 31 May 2021

Scheduled for Publication: September 2022

Call for Papers

Guest Editors

  • Usha C. V. Haley, Wichita State University
  • Sir Cary L. Cooper, University of Manchester
  • Andrew J. Hoffman, University of Michigan
  • Tyrone S. Pitsis, Durham University
  • Danna Greenberg, Babson College
  • Paul Hibbert, University of St. Andrews

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