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Business Insider: It turns out working around the clock won’t kill you — unless you’re a specific personality type

08 Sep 2017
AOM research debunks the myth that working long hours will necessarily kill you.

Originally found at Business Insider, by Shana Lebowitz

Right after grad school, I worked for a super small, super new startup. When I joined, there weren’t more than 10 of us on the team, and everybody had to fill multiple roles just to keep the company afloat.

A few months into my new gig, a friend visited and saw me clacking away on my laptop before bed. “You get work emails at 11 p.m.?!” he asked me.

Well, yes — but I’d never stopped to think about it. It didn’t bother me that I never really disconnected from the office — I enjoyed my work and I was thrilled to help grow the company.

This exchange with my friend came back to me as I was reading a paper, published in the Academy of Management Discoveries and highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, that debunks the myth that working long hours will necessarily kill you.

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