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Attractiveness advantage, abusive bosses, leading by doing

01 Dec 2020
AOM Insights
Does Good Looking = Good Employee?

As governments and employers take steps to counter bias that results in attractive people getting more pay and promotions, three researchers decided to analyze decades of research to see if good-looking employees might actually earn their “beauty premium.”

Say your boss yells at you. Or makes rude jokes at your expense in front of everyone. Offering to help your boss meet the next deadline would be out of the question, right? Maybe not, according to new findings.

Managers who lead by example inspire workers to feel good about their jobs. But bosses who actually show how a job should be done also optimize employee engagement, resulting in greater productivity and enhanced service quality.

Getting employees to buy into digital transformation means understanding how they feel about the change in the first place. People will view the situation through different lenses.

Successful transitions are due, in large part, to the leadership style of the incumbent CEO. While some CEOs set the stage for smooth hand offs, others “hang on by their fingernails and sabotage prospective successors,” a researcher says.


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