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Work from anywhere, Disabled employees, Climate initiatives

01 Feb 2022
AOM Insights
Work from Anywhere Is Here to Stay

There are plenty of reasons why employers want their personnel in the office, but an AOM scholar details plenty of reasons why allowing employees to work from anywhere (WFA) may be the way of the future..

Employing people with disabilities is not just the right thing to do—it promotes corporate social responsibility and leads to favorable reputation effects for organizations.

Through interviews with dancers and choreographers and observing dance groups, AOM scholars identify six creative work processes. The findings have broad implications in diverse creative endeavors, including fashion, writers’ rooms, technology, and political strategy.

Graduate students are helping organizations translate the sometimes unwieldy and often politicized issue of climate change into real-world responses. They work from the inside out to identify solutions and build the business case for investment in energy and sustainability.

Through disaster-insurance risk pools, “governments of different countries can work together, and with development organizations, on solutions for responding to disasters in ways that satisfy both their own partial interests and wider regional ones,” an AOM scholar explains.

Positive Organizational Behavior

When Workplace Vigilantes Strike

Addressing abuse at work
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