Inc.: Want to Be More Successful? Science Says Start With Being More Humble

04 Apr 2022
Confidence is smart. Humility is smart. Confident humility is even smarter.

Originally found at Inc., by Jeff Haden.

Case in point: NASCAR driver Ross Chastain, who just won his first--and TrackHouse Racing's first--Cup Series race.

One day last fall, Ross Chastain walked into a large room at Road Atlanta filled with people who had just paid thousands of dollars to try to become race car drivers. Most simply hoped to compete at the lowest amateur level; a few probably dreamed of someday reaching the big time. 

Ross has already reached the big time; he drives the No. 1 car for TrackHouse Racing in the Nascar Cup Series, the premier level of that sport and the most popular form of racing in the United States.

So why, after finishing third at Las Vegas earlier this month, did he reference a book by the late sports psychologist Trevor Moawad during a post-race interview?

More important, why was he sitting in a road-racing class beside a guy like me, listening to an instructor provide a basic overview of the impact of braking and steering input on tire grip?

Good question. Sure, most successful people are constant learners; while success sometimes can be the result of whom you know, long-term success is almost always based on what you know.

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