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Fortune: New research finds that despite the stereotypes, women actually negotiate their salaries more than men

30 Aug 2023
Over the past 20 years, the gender gap has "barely closed in the United States," a recent Pew Research Center analysis explains.

Originally found at Fortune

There’s a persistent perception that men negotiate their salaries more than women, which contributes to the pay gap. But new research may crush that theory.

“I have been studying and teaching negotiations for over 20 years,” Laura Kray, a professor at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, tells me. “In my experience, women are just as effective in negotiating as men, yet the belief that women are inferior negotiators is so sticky, even among women.”

Kray, an expert on gender in the workplace, is a coauthor of the paper, “Now, Women Do Ask: A Call to Update Beliefs about the Gender Pay Gap,” published this month in the journal Academy of Management Discoveries. Her previous research has shown that women negotiators are “more likely to be deceived than men negotiators, suggesting it is important to examine gender differences in treatment,” Kray explains. “I decided to look at negotiating propensity and negotiating treatment,” she says.

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